Unforgettably Tragic Flawed Car Manufacturing Stories


Most of us read about the horrible accident with one of the Fed Ex vehicles and the charter bus in Orland, California in the spring of 2014. The famous delivery company had many instances with fires starting in their vehicles in the past. Rosa Rivers, mother of Jennifer Bonilla, one of the children from Dorsey High School who died on the burning charter bus (who sued for $100 million) was determined to make the company pay for not fixing its trucks. The driver of the FedEx vehicle had tried to signal to change lanes according to reports, but the truck just never straightened out and ran head on into the bus full of kids. It was allegedly on fire before it actually hit the loaded bus.

Personal vehicles are usually the ones that have unseen built-in problems that the drivers of them sometimes end up dying from. Back in 2009, a young man from Albemarle, California lost control of his Pontiac G5 at just 50 mph. About 9 months after 20-year-old Ben Hair’s demise, GM sent his family a product recall (his was just one of the 2.5 million of their vehicles that were called back), describing the possible faulty power steering. This lawsuit against General Motors included wrongful death along with nine other counts against them.

Sometimes, even the most high-priced vehicles can have defects that can hurt or even kill you. Kristine Rodas, the wife of Roger Rodas (the man who died in the 2005 Porsche with Fast & Furious star Paul Walker) knows this all too well. She sued Porsche, saying that any car that can go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds should have a greater level of accident safety. Too many of these types of headlines are in the news today, and this problem of flawed car manufacturing needs to be remedied permanently.


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