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If you are browsing around for a new car you might consider, (or at least already have), purchasing or leasing a hybrid car.  Just a few years ago, hybrid cars were new and relatively rare on the road, but these days they are common and a familiar sight. The concern of affordability really plays an important role for most people when they are shopping for a new car. We have created a short list of the most affordable hybrid cars for 2016.

2016 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

The 2016 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid is a 4-door, 5-seat Sedan, and is available in one base model. The $27,770 MSRP Base is equipped with a standard 1.8L, 4-cylinder engine that earns up to 47-mpg in the city and 46-mpg on the highway. It also features front wheel drivetrain. An automatic transmission comes standard.

2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Looking at the 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid with an MSRP, ranging from $25,675 to $31,430, based upon the trim that you choose. However, standard on the Fusion Hybrid is a 4-door, 5-seat Sedan, with an automatic transmission.

The $25,675 S is equipped with a standard 2.0L, 4-cylinder engine that achieves 44-mpg in the city and 41-mpg on the highway.

The Titanium, MSRP set at $31,430, comes with a standard 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that earns 44-mpg city wise, and 41-mpg on the highway.

Both trims feature front wheel drivetrain.

2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

The 2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid comes in two trims, the XLE Premium and the Limited. Both trims are 4-door, 5-seat Sedans. The XLE Premium has an MSRP of $38,100 and features a 4-cylinder, 2.5L hybrid engine that can achieve 40 city miles per gallon, and 39 highway miles per gallon.

The Limited trim comes at an MSRP of $41,950 and features a standard 4-cylinder, 2.5L engine that obtains 40 city miles per gallon of fuel, and 39 miles per gallon on the highway.

Both trims feature front wheel drivetrain.

2016 Toyota Prius

The redesigned 2016 Toyota Prius comes with six available trims, all include 5-doors, a 4-cylinder, 121 horsepower,  1.8L engine and earn anywhere between 54 and 58 mpg in the city, while all trims average 50 mpg on the highway. Depending on which trim you select, the MSRP ranges from $24,200 to $30,000. All trims feature standard automatic transmissions and front wheel drivetrain. The following are the trim models for the 2016 Toyota Prius:

  • HB Two
  • HB Two Eco
  • HB Three
  • HB Three Touring
  • HB Four
  • HB Four Touring

Hybrid cars are strong competitors when it comes to other leading smaller makes and models of cars, not just in price, but in features and options as well. Buying low priced hybrid car does not mean you are sacrificing comfort, style, or performance just for the sake of being eco-friendly. Now of days, you can get nearly everything you want in a car, for an affordable price and you can help the environment at the same time – we see it as a win for everyone.

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