The Fastest Motorcycles in the World


Only those who ride know the feel of the road beneath you. Driving doesn’t give you the same thrill as riding. However, the control over the vehicle and the rider’s skills are tested by speed. The quick machines are built for speed and their designs are nothing short of a masterpiece. With a motorcycle, no path is inaccessible. When you set out on a bike, the bike and the rider become a single unit. For bike lovers, what is a motorcycle without speed?

Adding fire to that thrill, here’s a quick look at the five fastest bikes:

Dodge Tomahawk: This beauty flies at a maximum speed of 350 mph which is roughly 560km/h. The ten cylinder motorbike releases 500 HP at 5600rpm. The transmission is manual and two stroke. 

Suzuki Hyabusa: The Japanese surly know how to make a dragon. The four cylinders, four stroke 1340cc bikes is the most popular super bike in the world. The engine is liquid cooled to maintain a top speed of 248mph. The power produced is 197hp at 650 rpm. The system of transmission is 6 speeds.

MTT turbine Superbike Y2K: Make way for the Rolls Royce run 250-C20 turbo shaft engine. The produced horsepower of 320 HP pushes the bike to a maximum of 227mph (365 km/h). The unique feature of this bike is its automatic two speed transmission.

Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird: The Japanese based bike manufacturer Honda released Blackbird with a 1137cc, liquid cooled engine. The top speed of this sleek machine is 190mph (310 km/h). the maximum power produced by the Blackbird is 114kw (153 horse power) at 10,000 rpm. Transmission system in use is a six speed close ratio transmission.

Yamaha YZF R1: Who doesn’t know of the R1? Popular in the racing circuit, the R1 is manufactured by Yamaha, a leading bike manufacturing company in Japan. The parallel 4 cylinder engine has 20 valves and is liquid cooled. Maximum speed reached is 186mph at 10000 rpm.



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