Iconic Harley Davidson Motorcycles from the Second World War


Harley Davidson is one of the most popular motorcycle brands in the world due to their high quality. They’re one of the most sought after motorcycle brands and for good reason. The Harley Davidson motorcycle brand has been around a long time, but didn’t truly become iconic until World War II. Below are some of the top models from that era that are still iconic even to this day.

Harley Davidson WLA Line 1942-1944

This impressive motorcycle looks good even by today’s standards. The WL Harley Davidson motorcycle line was very popular during this time period, but this model in particular was the one most in demand. The model production came to a halt at the end of World War II, but picked up again during the Korean War

The WLA Line won the Army-Navy “E” Awards in 1943 and 1944. The motorcycle features a 3.3-gallon tank, 3 speed, carburetor fuel system, flat head and side valve engines, and weighs approximately 562 pounds. There was even a rumor attached to this model stating there was a warehouse full of unused WLA motorcycles. The rumor was later disproven, but the motorcycle itself is still an impressive feat of engineering.

Harley Davidson XA

The United States Army at the time had a demand for a motorcycle that was similar to the BMW R71 at the time too. Harley Davidson answered this demand by rolling out the shaft driven Harley Davidson XA. The bike model replicated the R71’s drive train and engine. The bike was very different from other Harley bike models at the time and was the only shaft driven bike ever to be produced by the company.

Features of the Harley Davidson XA Line 1941-1942

The XA Line of Harley Davidson motorcycle is unlike the other Harley models produced during the time. The features for this model are rather simple in nature, but still have the same high quality and dependency people have come to expect from the brand. The XA Line features a twin cylinder, drum brakes, carburetor fuel system, and is shaft driven. The bike line was mainly produced to answer the United States Army demand for bikes similar to the BMW R71, but has been the only shaft drive model to be pushed into production.

Harley Davidson is perhaps the unmatched kind when it comes to motorcycles. The brand to this day is still involved with the United States Military. They still produce motorcycles for the army and even honor the troops on their website. The company even supports Disabled American Veterans with their Harley’s Heroes program. This way the company can show their appreciation and support for the people who fight for their country.

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