How to Give your Car the Perfect Wax Coat


Taking care of a car can be hard work for people who aren’t used to owning one. Waxing a car can help to keep it looking new and help it to last longer. Not everyone knows how to properly wax their car, so we decided to share a step by step guide on how to give you’re a wax coat.

Prepare Your Car for the Wax Coating

You can’t just slap the wax on your car and be done with it in a few minutes. Prepare your car for a wax coating by washing it with soap and water. You want to make sure the surface of your car is completely clean and free of any dirt or debris that may have stuck to its surface. Wax can’t adhere well to dirt or moisture, so a clean service is your best option. Dry your car off with a clean, non-abrasive cloth or wait for your car to dry on its own.

Look out for Damaged, Scratched, or Dull Paint Areas

Older cars may have suffered a few scratches or dull paint areas. This is normal wear and tear that is perfectly normal and in most cases won’t harm the car. You may want to use a rubbing and polishing compound to take care of these areas before applying your wax coating. This will provide the wax with a flat surface to be applied on and make it easier to adhere to the car.

Wax in the Right Temperatures

Hot weather makes it difficult to apply wax to the car. The best temperatures to begin waxing are between fifty-five and eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Aim to wax during cool weather since hot weather can cause the wax to dry instantly the moment it’s applied to the car. This makes buffing difficult and you may need to remove the wax if it’s applied incorrectly. Cool weather gives you a chance to move the wax around on the car for a smooth and even coat.

Wax Indoors

Waxing your car indoors is the best way to avoid pollen, dust, and other debris from sticking to your car during the waxing. Keeping the car out of direct sunlight can also help to keep the wax pliable during the waxing. You don’t want the wax to dry due to the surface of your car being too hot and suffer an uneven waxing job.

When applying the wax use gentle, circular motions that overlap each other during the application. Spread the wax evenly over a small section of your car before moving onto the next part for waxing. Continue to apply the wax coating to your car in small sections until the job is done.

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