Ford and Amazon Echo – The Future of Smart Cars


In case you’ve been living under a rock, we’ll let you in on a little secret: technology these days has gotten smart; like, very smart. Homes, phones, cars, devices… new ones nearly all come with smart capabilities which keeps any and all relevant information easily accessible right at your fingertips.

The Amazon Echo, for example, is one of Amazon’s latest virtual assistants that helps keep the home smart. Similar to Siri and Google Now, the Echo (recognized by her name, Alexa, when you call her), is ready to help you in whatever way you need. Weather updates? Music? Random facts? Simply call her name and she’s there for you in a mostly flawless way.

Echo comes equipped with seven microphones, which ensures that Alexa will hear what you’re saying, even if you’re mumbling on the other side of the room. And guess what? There’s no on/off button, she’s just always listening. Cool, right? Well it’s about to get cooler: Amazon is joining forces with Ford in order to make Ford’s already smart cars even smarter.

Syncing to Echo

Ford already has an impressive sync command that allows their smarter cars to connect via bluetooth to your phone and devices. They just added a new sync-able device to that list… guess what it is? If you said Echo, you’re right. Echo and Ford can sync via bluetooth, and through an app on your phone.

What Can Echo and Ford Do Together After Syncing?

You know those frigid mornings when it’s so cold outside you contemplate calling in sick just to avoid going outside to start your car and suffering through 10 minutes of freezing temperatures on the commute? Here’s where your Echo will come in handy: with Ford’s syncing capabilities and an Amazon Echo, you’ll simply need to ask Alexa to start your car for you, and she’ll do it. While you’re in the car, using the Echo app over bluetooth, you can talk to Alexa as if you were right in front of her. “Alexa, cut on some music”, you’re in your Ford (no where near home), but Alexa just cut on your favorite station.

It’s just another way to keep your life connected, to keep smart technology moving forward, to make it so that you don’t ever have to wait to do anything. All new levels of convenience and instant gratification… that’s what Echo and Ford have teamed up to bring you.

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