Consequences for Fleeing Police in Your Vehicle


It is so important that if you are accused of eluding an officer that you take advantage of the counsel of a good criminal defense attorney. There are specific items within the law that determine whether or not you were actually “fleeing”. Did you even know that the police car was signaling at you to stop, or at someone else? Was there a place to pull over to stop? If there was not, or if you were otherwise hindered in some way and could not pull over or park after the sirens began blaring, then you may have a good argument in court.

   The situation should be examined thoroughly. For example, in Pennsylvania, the law says that you would have had to willfully fail to stop your car when the cops signaled you. There is a mandatory fee of $500 when someone is charged for this crime in that state, not including the court costs they also have to pay. This crime can be upgraded to a third-degree felony as well, but there has to be much more extreme circumstances, ones that really show clearly that a person was trying to elude the police who signaled them to halt their car.

   For example, if a person who ran from the cop car was drinking at the time, the charge would definitely be taken up to a felony. Also, if they put the public in danger as they are trying to run away in their car, the charge would be bigger. If the person crosses a State line when they are charged with fleeing or eluding police, then that is a clear sign they were trying to get away. But, if you feel that your situation was nowhere near that extreme, and that you were wrongfully charged with this questionable crime, then you should contact your criminal defense attorney immediately.


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