Car Designs which Went Ridiculously Wrong


There is almost nothing more appealing than a sleek and beautifully designed car – be it a sedan, a sports car or an SUV. However, not all the prospective car designs turned out how we’d hoped. Some have completely ruined the cars’ features, appeal and performance.

Take the Dodge Charger for example; It was a newly introduced car in 2015 and was first displayed in New York. However, when it came out, there was such a striking difference between the original version of the car and what the end result was, that people were sure that the design department of the manufacturing process had made a huge blunder.

The final version of the Dodge looked nothing like the original plan; the front and back of the car resemble a car called the Dart, but the wheels of the car and the side panels still looked like a Chargers car. So basically it looked like a mix between a Dart and a Dodger; very confusing!

Another example of a car design gone horribly wrong was the Fisker Karma. In its six years of being in the automobile market, the Fisker was not only struggling to remain stable in the market but had also incurred a huge amount of debt in the form of rent and website design charges.

Analysts presumed that the failure of the Fisker Karma could be closely attributed to a variety of issues with the car design, such as the low grade of intellectual property used and the wrong use of car batteries.

Coming to the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible; the outer body of the car kept changing and developing over a period of time, constantly building muscle onto the body of the car. Then again, too much revamping leads to confusion and chaos. The new Camaros that are coming out are all aggressive-looking in the front though the headlights keep getting narrower, and the taillights in the back of the car don’t appear to match the overall personality of the car.


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