Best “A” Luxury Car Manufacturers


A luxury car is a marketing terminology for a vehicle that has been specially designed to provide luxury to its passengers with delightful features that are much beyond necessity. And all of these at an obviously expensive rate. Manufacturer of a luxury car ensures that the cars in this segment come with advanced design features, great comfort, modern and innovative features with the use of  latest technology. Such a car personifies prestige, status or an enhanced image for its owner.

Here is a list of the best luxury car manufacturers in the world:

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is a famous car manufacturer from Italy. It was established in Milan in 1910 as A.L.F.A. that translated to “Anonymous Lombard Automobile Factory”.  This is a car manufacturer that has been actively involved in racing cars since the year 1911. Alfa Romeo made its first noted racing car in the year 1913. The company at that time was just 3 years old.

Aston Martin

The full name of this renowned car manufacturer is Aston Martin Lagonda Limited. It is a car manufacturer based in Great Britain and is known for manufacturing grand tours and luxury sports cars. Robert Bamford established the company in the year 1913. In the fifties and sixties, the manufacturer was closely associated with grand touring cars in the luxury segment.


Audi is a world famous automobile manufacturer of Germany and its full name is Audi AG. It produces, designs, engineers, distributes and markets automobiles in the luxury segment. The company has its headquarters in Ingolstadt in Germany from where it looks after its global operations. Audi has 9 production facilities all across the world where the production of its vehicles takes place. It was in 1965 that the Audi brand was launched by Volkswagen once more when the latter introduced the F103 series of Audi.


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